Adya Clarity

What is the shelf life of Adya Clarity, and how should the Adya Clarity bottles be stored?

Adya Clarity® does not have an expiration date and has an infinite shelf life. *Please do not store the Adya Clarity bottles under direct sunlight or in extreme heat. Adya Clarity bottles do not need to be refrigerated either. *Please store the Adya Clarity bottles in a cool dark place, such as a cupboard at room temperature. When stored properly (Between 40-90 degrees F), it will remain effective indefinitely. Any water treated with Adya Clarity can last up to 10 years. When Adya Clar...

How much Adya Clarity should I add?

The amount depends on the quality and type of water used. We recommend a dilution ratio of 1:1000. To calculate the amount of Adya Clarity you need, divide the volume of water by 1000. Amount of Adya Clarity added = (Volume of water/1000) E.g. (1000 mL of water/ 1000) = 1 mL of Adya Clarity = 1/5 tsp = 20 drops For polluted water, you may need to add a few more drops or up to a tsp to remove all contaminants. If the water source is believed to be extremely contaminated by known or unknown tox...

How much Adya Clarity treated water should I drink to receive the health benefits?

To determine the amount of water (in general) needed in a 24 hour period, divide the person’s weight in pounds by 2 and add the unit of ounces. As an example given a body weight of 50 lbs (when divided by 2 the result is 25), they would need 25 oz of water in a 24 hour period. You can follow this outline when drinking Adya Clarity treated water: (Weight in lbs/2) = Amount of water drink in ounces The Human Clinical Trial results show that subjects consuming this amount for 90 days are abl...

How much water can the 2 oz, 16 oz or 32 oz bottle of Adya Clarity treat?

2 oz – treats approximately 15 gallons of water 16 oz – treats approximately 125 - 150 gallons of water 32 oz – treats approximately 250 - 300 gallons of water

How is the Adya Water Gravity Filtration System used in conjunction with the Adya Clarity, and is it necessary to use the two together?

The Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System is a gravity-fed, free standing device that does not require electricity and is BPA free. To effectively remove the precipitates, we recommend using Adya Clarity in conjunction with the Adya Water Filtration System. You can also use a couple/few coffee filters or cheesecloth to remove the precipitates. How to use the filtration system? 1. In a separate container, treat water with Adya Clarity for > 24 hours. 2. Pour the treated water in the...

Although the precipitated sediments are harmless and inert, how can I remove them from water?

After reacting with the minerals, the precipitate is inert and will not get mixed back into the water. Even if you ingested the sediments, they will pass through and out of your body without causing any harm. However, sediments may not always be appealing to consume. You can simply pour the clean water at the top into another container. You can filter the sediments using: • Adya Clarity Gravity Water Filtration System (most effective) • Coffee filters • Cheesecloth ** In order to avoid sma...

How do you use coffee filter to remove sediments?

1. Grab a clean, BPA-free container (for example) 2. Place a couple/few coffee filters or cheesecloths over a strainer or a coffee dripper 3. Pour the treated water over the filters. _** To avoid fine sediments from passing through the filter, do not apply too much pressure._ _** It is completely normal that the disturbed sediments float to the top._ _**_ _It is not necessary to pour the last bit of water with the sediments._

Do sediments sink or float?

After treating water with Adya Clarity, if sediments do appear, they will sink to the bottom of the container. In the webinar, sediments appeared to float on top when Adya Clarity was used to purified a pond. This is because a microbubbler was used to make the sediments float, which makes the removal of sediments easier.

Why is there no sediment after adding Adya Clarity to the water?

1. The effects may vary depending on the amount and types of contaminants in the water. * Only inorganic minerals and heavy metal contaminants form sediments. * Chlorine and other gaseous contaminants evaporate off the top. * Complex contaminants, like micro-organisms, may take longer to treat and you may not observe the effect immediately. The recommended wait time is 24 - 72 hours. * If the starting water is clean (i.e. distilled, spring, filtered water), there may not be enough c...

How much of Adya Clarity should be added to water for first time users?

Similar to other products, it is recommended to introduce Adya Clarity to your body gradually. _Start by drinking 1/2 - 1/3 of the recommended dosage__ for the first few weeks._ While you gradually work your way up to the recommended amount, it is important to continue drinking at least 8 glasses of clean, regular water each day. A very small fraction of people, usually 55+ , feel detox symptoms when they first begin. This may be related to years of exposure to toxins – especially heavy meta...

What should I do if I experience detox symptoms?

If your body has toxins build up, you may experience detox symptoms. This is because Adya Clarity contains essential minerals that activate body's detoxification system. During detox, it is not uncommon that you feel worse than before, as your body is getting rid of the toxins. This maybe because too much toxins are being released at once and your body is not able to handle it. The symptoms vary greatly between individuals. These include headaches, fatigue, rashing, bloating, constipation and ...

What contaminants are removed by Adya Clarity?

* Tested and proven by independent, EPA-certified lab results 1. Reduce 159 harmful industrial chemicals, including 80 volatile organic compounds.* 2. 100% reduction of chlorine, and reduce chloramines and trihalomethanes to below detectable limits.* 3. Reduce 99.95% of tested pharmaceuticals and basic drugs.* 4. Significantly reduce 79 different agricultural chemicals.* 5. Reduce heavy metals in water, including ...

How much and what type of minerals are in Adya Clarity?

The amount of minerals per tsp of Adya Clarity (before dilution): 1 tsp treats approximately 1.3 gallons (5 litres) of water. Iron 6.20 mg/tsp Magnesium 2.05 mg/tsp Potassium 1.02 mg/tsp Calcium 0.13 mg/tsp Phosphorus 0.12 mg/tsp Manganese 0.11 mg/tsp Sodium 0.08 mg/tsp Zinc 0.01 mg/tsp Vanadium 0.01mg/tsp Adya Clarity provides you with clean water that has complete minerals in the most readily absorbable forms. The minerals are dissolved in water, and they are easily taken up by our ...

Does Adya Clarity remove TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from water?

Adya Clarity removes contaminants from the water and also adds good minerals to the water. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) measures the total content of all substances in liquid - whether they are harmful contaminants or good minerals. Therefore, the TDS of Adya Clarity treated water will be high. Adya Clarity is proven to remove heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria, and a variety of toxic pollutants - tested by an independent EPA certified lab. You can see the lab reports with the link below. ht...

What is the pH of Adya Clarity treated water?

If the recommended amount of Adya Clarity was added, the pH should be 6.8 to 7. This can vary based on the temperature and pH of the original water you are treating. For example, distilled water tends to be more acidic than tap water. To increase the pH, you can reduce the dosage by half or add a small amount of baking soda (Chemical Name: Sodium Bicarbonate).

Why are plastic bottles used to package the 16 oz and 32 oz bottles of Adya Clarity?

The bottle used to package Adya Clarity is made of food-grade, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. HDPE is a lightweight, easily recyclable, and non-toxic material that is one of the most common varieties of plastics in the world. Glass bottles is not used for the 16 oz and 32 oz as it can break easily during transit. Furthermore, packaging Adya Clarity in stainless steel or glass increases weight of the shipping, carbon imprint, and shipping cost.

Why does the Adya Clarity contain aluminum?

Every element contained in Adya Clarity® is a part of a naturally occurring complex. Adya Clarity® is derived from biotite, a silicate mineral similar to zeolites, which are aluminosilicates. Silicate minerals make up the largest and most important class of rock-forming minerals, constituting approximately 90% of the Earth’s crust. Both biotite and zeolites naturally contain aluminum, along with many other elements. Many people are surprised to learn that aluminum is the third most abundant ele...

Why is sulfuric acid used to make Adya Clarity?

In nature, black mica is a solid. Sulfuric acid is used to transform black mica (aka. biotite) into a liquid form (ie. Adya Clarity). Once black mica is in a liquid form, it can thoroughly mix with water, bind with contaminants and pull them out of the water. After Adya Clarity is diluted further in water, the concentration of sulfuric acid is 0.0005% (28 times less than what is found in alcoholic beverages). As approved by Health Canada (Natural Health Product #: 80028256), it is also used ...

How should Adya Clarity treated water be stored? Is refrigeration needed?

It is best to use container made of: * Glass or * Stainless Steel or * HDPE plastic or * BPA (bisphenol-A) free plastic You may store the Adya Clarity treated water in room temperature. Refrigeration is not necessary but you may do so.

How do I use my colloidal silver with Adya Clarity?

Basically, you would add your colloidal silver to the water that has been treated by Adya Clarity: 1. Add the appropriate amount of Adya Clarity to your water. 2. Wait 24 to 72 hours for tap water; 5 - 15 minutes (restaurant example) for "clean" water (filtered, distilled or reverse osmosis water). 3. Add Colloidal Silver to the purified water. If you are still concerned that your colloidal silver will be affected by Adya Clarity, you may start with a reduced dosage of Adya Clarity.

Why do I see some particulates floating in my bottle of Adya Clarity?

These are minerals precipitating out of solution - because there is a high amount of mineral salts in Adya Clarity. They are completely safe to consume and do not affect the effectiveness of Adya Clarity. The precipitates were tested by an independent, EPA certified lab. The results showed that no microorganisms are detected and the mineral content in the precipitate is the same as Adya Clarity. You can remove the precipitates using a couple/few coffee filters or cheesecloth, if you find it ...

What is a super shot?

The super shot is an off label use. By doing a super shot you are giving your body a more concentrated amount in a given time. We do not recommend anyone to do super shots with Adya Clarity unless they have consulted with their doctor or healthcare professional. People need to use the product as directed or they may have adverse detoxification symptoms, which can be exacerbated by not drinking enough water. Always keep in mind that everyone is different and some people will experience different ...

I am allergic to drugs with sulfates. Can I take Adya Clarity?

Not all sulfates are created the same. Chemical synthetic based sulfates are not the same as the sulfates in Adya Clarity, which are in their natural salt form. Most sulfate allergies are associated with the chemical sulfates that are added to food and drugs. Natural sulfates are found in all fruits and vegetables in trace amounts. Some people are allergic to chemical sulfates in wine but have no problem with the natural sulfates in Adya Clarity.

Why is there a metallic taste or aftertaste with drinking Adya Clarity treated water?

1. Heavy metal toxicity: This is a sign that the metals are being removed from the body. Adya Clarity is clinically proven to remove heavy metals (Lab Report: The funny taste should go away after 2 weeks and up to 3 months. The time varies depending on the severity of the heavy metal toxicity. 2. Medications: This may occur if you are taking or have recently taken antibiotics, drugs for yeast infections, anti-depressants, and decongest...

Will Adya Clarity affect any fillings, pacemakers or metal/medical implants?

Adya Clarity treated water will not negatively affect fillings, amalgams, pacemakers, or other dental/medical/metal implants. People who have fillings/ heavy metals may experience grey streaks in their teeth. This is the metals precipitating out. Some people reported having black coloured finger tips, lips, or even a taste like they have had copper pennies in their mouth. This is not very common unless you are extremely heavy metal toxic. The grey streaks in the teeth will go away over a short t...

Will Adya Clarity affect any medication?

Some mineral salts can affect the absorption of certain medications, mostly antibiotics. You have to ask your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist to check whether any of your medication requires avoidance of certain mineral salts for a period of time before/after taking medication. The mineral salts in Adya Clarity are in sulphate form. When people who take a lot of medicine and start drinking Adya Clarity treated water, they may have a funny taste in their mouth for a few days. This wil...

What is the procedure of adding Adya Clarity to boiling water?

You may add Adya Clarity to boiling water. You do not need to let the water cool down before doing so. Heat does not affect efficacy of Adya Clarity. In fact, warmer temperature speeds up the agglutination process. You may add Adya Clarity to cold water and let it boil. However, we would recommend to keep it a quick boil.

Any recommendations for cleaning veggies with Adya Clarity treated water?

When you are washing your veggies with Adya Clarity treated water, please be sure to treat your water first and you may soak your produce to wash off pesticides/other toxic disinfectants. We do not recommend re-using the water, especially when the veggies are extremely dirty and the water gets too murky. The purpose is to clean your veggies thoroughly. Do change your water when necessary.

What is the Adya Water Gravity Filtration System?

It conveniently filters out the harmless sediments, and saves time from filtering every glass of treated water. It does not remove the good minerals that Adya Clarity adds in. Other advantages of using it in conjunction of Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System are: A. Storage and Convenience: The top tank holds 1.3 gallons (5 litres) of water. This means that you can pour up to 1.3 gallons (5 litres) of treated water at a time. The bottom tank holds 3 gallons (10 litres) of water. Therefore,...

Why is the water taking a long time to pass through the filtration system?

Usually, the first batch of water would take around 3 - 4 hours to pass through the system. If the water takes more than 4 hours to pass through, please read through the questions below: 1. Have the Ceramic Filter been soaked in warm Adya Clarity water for 15 minutes prior to the first usage? If not, take out your Ceramic Filter and soak it for 15 minutes. 2. Is there enough water in the top tank? If not, add more water to the top tank. The filtration system is gravity-fed; the more water is...

Why is the water still yellow after filtering out the sediments?

Some sediments, depending on the types and amount of contaminants in water, are very fine. Therefore, they may pass through the coffee filter. This is not uncommon since coffee filter are meant to trap relatively large coffee beans. Suggestions: 1. Try using 2 - 3 coffee filters. 2. Filter using the Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System. It contains a 0.2 micron size Ceramic Filter that can trap the finest contaminants. *Please note that the sediments are converted to a harmless form (whic...

How do I prevent algae growth in my Gravity Filtration System?

When it gets hot especially during the summertime, you might see green stuff growing inside your filtration system. It would most likely be algae and it is very hard to prevent it. First of all, Adya Clarity water is filled with minerals which to the algae are nutrients. Second of all, algae spores are present in your water most of the time. What you could do is, make sure that the Gravity Filtration System is away from direct light or heat sources. Some clients have tried wrapping the tank wit...

What is the proper storage for the Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System when not used?

There is no recommendation from the manufacturer, but we do suggest to submerge the 4-Layered Earth/Carbon Filter in water (filling up a Tupperware with its lid). Some clients stated that the water tasted funny if the 4-Layered Earth/Carbon Filter in the bottom tank was not used for 3 - 6 months. It did not happen for all clients – only some.

When do I need to replace the Ceramic Filter and the Carbon Filter?

When to Replace Why does it need to be replaced? Ceramic Filter Every 1000 gallons or every year The pores of the filter may eventually be so clogged up that wiping with a wet soft towel will not help remove the gunk, or the neutralized contaminants. The more the pores are clogged up, the slower the water would flow through. 4-Layer Earth /Carbon Filter Every 500 gallons or every 6 months The Carbon Filter enhances the taste of Adya Clarity treated wat...

Why is there a plastic-like taste after running the water through the filtration system for the first time?

The taste should go away after the following these steps: 1. Rinse both top and bottom tanks. 2. Soak both filters in water for at least 15 minutes. 3. Let water pass through your filtration system once.

What kind of water can be used with Adya Clarity?

Any water except de-ionized water. Adya Clarity can clean salt water but will not desalinate it.

What are the benefits of adding Adya Clarity to distilled water?

Adding beneficial minerals that your body needs is the biggest benefit of adding Adya Clarity to distilled water. The minerals in Adya Clarity are naturally occurring and are dissolved in water; your body can absorb them easily. Distillation is a process that relies on heating the water to form steam. It then cools and condenses to form purified water.This webpage from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most...

Why do I see sediments when adding Adya Clarity to bottled water?

Bottled water does not mean cleaner and safer water. In fact, a lot of bottled water is really just tap water. It is no surprise that you see sediments. Here are excerpts taken from studies conducted by Natural Resources Defense Council. For more information, please visit: _1. Is not bottled water safer than tap water?_ _No, not necessarily. NRDC conducted a four-year review of the bottled water industry and the safety standards that govern it, inclu...

What are other usages of the Adya Clarity or Adya Clarity treated water?

Adya Clarity can purify water for: • Beverages, from juice, soda, coffee to tea * Note: Flavour may alter slightly after adding Adya Clarity • Cooking • Cleaning agent (e.g. pool, hot tub) • Bath (e.g. body and foot bath) • Agriculture (e.g. fertilizer) • Aquaculture • Pets

How much Adya Clarity should I add to treat water used for baths, hot tubs and pools?

The dilution ratio is 1:1000; same as drinking water. Volume of water Dosage required Recommendation Bath Average bathtub 3 tbsp Wait 5 minutes before bath. Foot Bath A large bowl 1 tbsp Wait 5 minutes before bath. Hot Tub 1.3 gallons 1 tsp Pool 1.3 gallons 1 tsp

What are the recommendations for using Adya Clarity in hot tub?

1. Clean the filter regularly. This is because the filter traps the precipitates (contaminants pulled out by the minerals). Once the filter is clogged, it needs to be cleaned or replaced immediately. Otherwise, the water will turn cloudy and murky. When taking out the dirty filter, please be cautious to avoid the gunk collected by the filter to be released into the water. 2. Clean the pipes of hot tubs that have been used frequently or for several years. There may be skin, bacteria and scale...

Is it possible to overdose on iron if Adya Clarity treated water is drank on a regular basis?

According to US National Institute of Health, the recommended intake of Iron is as followed: Male Female 0 - 6 months 0.27 mg 0.27 mg 7 - 12 months 11 mg 11 mg 1 - 3 years 7 mg 7 mg 4 - 8 years 10 mg 10 mg 9 - 13 years 8 mg 8 mg 14 - 18 years 11 mg 15 mg 19 - 50 years 8 mg 18 mg 51+ years 8 mg 8 mg If you drink 8 glasses (0.5 gallons) of Adya Clarity treated water everyday, you will receive 2.4 mg of iron....

Does Adya Clarity remove plastic?

Adya Clarity can remove several harmful substances commonly found in plastic, including styrene, vinyl chloride (PVC) and bisphenol-A (BPA). Please see the following links for the test results conducted by an EPA-certified lab. Please search by hitting the Ctrl+F key and typing the chemical name. - reduction of styrene and and PVC - reduction of BPA is 99.5%

Adya Clarity Product Manual

Please find the Adya Clarity Product Manual in the attached file. For clients who reside in the USA and who use gallon and oz for measurement, please click on "ACProductManual_USA". For clients who reside in Canada and who use litre for measurement, please click on "ACProductManual_CANADA". *Please click attachments to open the product manual

Why is there more sediments after adding more Adya Clarity to the water that has already been treated once with Adya Clarity?

If you are treating contaminated tap water, Adya Clarity may keep on purifying the water. To speed up the process, try (1) adding Adya Clarity to hot water (2) increasing the dosage [please note that this may alter the flavour]. Recommended 1.5 X 2 X 8 oz glass of tap water 5 - 8 drops 7.5 – 12 drops 10 -16 drops 1.3 gallons of tap water 1 - 2 tsp 1.5 - 3 tsp 2 - 4 tsp You do not need to be concerned about intaking too many minerals ...

I am going away on vacation. How should I store the filters?

If you are planning to leave from a couple of weeks to months, bacteria and algae may start growing in the filters if the filters are just left in the filtration system. For the Ceramic Filter, please make sure to wipe it down with a soft wet cloth before storing it in a cool, dry area. Before using it again, please soak it in warm Adya Clarity treated water for 15 minutes. For the Carbon Filter, if you are going away for more than 3 months, please immerse it in water and put it in your refrig...

I see "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA" on your website.

It is required by the US law to have this statement on every product - except drugs - and Adya Clarity is not a drug. Adya Clarity is a Natural Health Product licensed by Health Canada since 2011 and is marketed as a water purification product in US. In other words, if this statement is not listed on a non-drug product, it is violating the law and needs to be taken off the shelf. For more information on the reasoning of having this disclaimer, you can visit this FDA link.

Troubleshoot: Why is water leaking out from the Gravity Filtration System?

1. Leaking out from the spout of the spigot: This leak could be due to the debris caught in the spigot. Pull the lever up for about 10 seconds to flush out the debris/sediment. 2. Leaking around the area where the spigot is attached to the bottom tank: In this case, reassemble the spigot. When inserting the spigot to the bottom tank, make sure that both silicon rings are dry and one is attached to either side of the tank. The spigot should be well tightened.

Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System Video and Maintenance Guide

Please see the attached file for the maintenance guide. Here is a video about how to assemble the Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System:

Adya Clarity's patent number

The Adya Clarity (AC) is Made in USA. Also, granted a patent in 1988 which possesses an U.S. patent number: 4,776,963. You may also read more about the technology by visiting the link:,776,963.PN.&OS=PN/4,776,963&RS=PN/4,776,963 AC is also approved/licensed/registered under Health Canada as Adya Minerals (special name), but made with the same exact ingredients. The Natur...