Why is there a metallic taste or aftertaste with drinking Adya Clarity treated water?

1. Heavy metal toxicity: This is a sign that the metals are being removed from the body. Adya Clarity is clinically proven to remove heavy metals (Lab Report: http://waterliberty.com/pdfs/Heavy_Metal_30-day_study.pdf). The funny taste should go away after 2 weeks and up to 3 months. The time varies depending on the severity of the heavy metal toxicity.

2. Medications: This may occur if you are taking or have recently taken antibiotics, drugs for yeast infections, anti-depressants, and decongestants.

3. Gum diseases: Gingivitis or other periodontal diseases may cause bleeding.

If the taste is intolerable, try reducing the dosage for a few weeks. Once you are adjusted to the taste, you can increase it back to the recommended dosage.

4. Mineral Content: Adya Clarity adds good minerals to water, which may make the water taste metallic.