How is the Adya Water Gravity Filtration System used in conjunction with the Adya Clarity, and is it necessary to use the two together?

The Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System is a gravity-fed, free standing device that does not require electricity and is BPA free.

To effectively remove the precipitates, we recommend using Adya Clarity in conjunction with the Adya Water Filtration System.

You can also use a couple/few coffee filters or cheesecloth to remove the precipitates.

How to use the filtration system? 

1. In a separate container, treat water with Adya Clarity for > 24 hours.

2. Pour the treated water in the top tank.

3. The water is ready to drink once it passes through the system.

*Note: If untreated water is poured into the top tank, dissolved contaminants may pass through the filter.