What should I do if I experience detox symptoms?

If your body has toxins build up, you may experience detox symptoms. This is because Adya Clarity contains essential minerals that activate body's detoxification system.

During detox, it is not uncommon that you feel worse than before, as your body is getting rid of the toxins. This maybe because too much toxins are being released at once and your body is not able to handle it.

The symptoms vary greatly between individuals. These include headaches, fatigue, rashing, bloating, constipation and dizziness. The symptoms should go away after the toxins are removed. 

To alleviate the symptoms, you can:

1. Allow your body to rest by stop taking Adya Clarity for a few days (while drinking lots of regular, clean water).

2. When reintroducing it to your body, start by reducing the dosage by half or more. Once your body adjusts to it, you can increase back to the recommended dosage. 

Adya Clarity has been clinically proven to be safe for consumption. The reports can be viewed here: