Why is there no sediment after adding Adya Clarity to the water?

1. The effects may vary depending on the amount and types of contaminants in the water. 

  • Only inorganic minerals and heavy metal contaminants form sediments.  
  • Chlorine and other gaseous contaminants evaporate off the top.
  • Complex contaminants, like micro-organisms, may take longer to treat and you may not observe the effect immediately. The recommended wait time is 24 - 72 hours.
  • If the starting water is clean (i.e. distilled, spring, filtered water), there may not be enough contaminants in the water to form precipitate.
  • When treating a small amount of water, it is unlikely to observe a significant amount of residues.

2. When there is no obvious sediment, it does not mean that no contaminants are pulled by minerals.

  • If you filter the treated water using the Adya Clarity Gravity Filtration System, you will notice the subtle sediments - almost invisible. After repeated uses, the white Ceramic Filter (trapping contaminants pulled by Adya Clarity) turned orange and slimy. We have provided a picture for your reference below.
  • Cloudiness and colour change are signs of the initial purification steps, as the dissolved contaminants are coming out of solution. After a period of time, contaminants may clump together and form precipitates that settle to the bottom of your water.
  • Try warming up the water. Warm temperature speeds up the precipitation process. Heat does not affect the effectiveness of the minerals.