How much of Adya Clarity should be added to water for first time users?

Similar to other products, it is recommended to introduce Adya Clarity to your body gradually. 

Start by drinking 1/2 - 1/3 of the recommended dosage for the first few weeks.

While you gradually work your way up to the recommended amount, it is important to continue drinking at least 8 glasses of clean, regular water each day.

A very small fraction of people, usually 55+ , feel detox symptoms when they first begin. This may be related to years of exposure to toxins – especially heavy metals - from contaminated water, food or air. Release of metals from the body can also cause the water to taste sour or metallic.

Rest assured that Adya Clarity has been clinically proven to be safe to consume, and the detox symptoms will disappear after the toxins are removed. The clinical trial report is available here: