What are the recommendations for using Adya Clarity in hot tub?

 1. Clean the filter regularly. This is because the filter traps the precipitates (contaminants pulled out by the minerals).

Once the filter is clogged, it needs to be cleaned or replaced immediately. Otherwise, the water will turn cloudy and murky.

When taking out the dirty filter, please be cautious to avoid the gunk collected by the filter to be released into the water.  

2. Clean the pipes of hot tubs that have been used frequently or for several  years. There may be skin, bacteria and scale build up in the pipes prior to treatment. 

To clean them out, treat the pipes by letting the water run for a week or so, and then empty it. Repeat this process several times.

3. Do not use hair products or sunscreen. They can bind to the Adya Clarity minerals, causing precipitates to form and the water to turn cloudy. 

4The recommended dosage is the same as drinking water. Add 1 tsp for every 1.3 gallons of water. For example, one can use 2 - 4  32 oz bottles for a 500 gallon hot tub.