What contaminants are removed by Adya Clarity?

* Tested and proven by independent, EPA-certified lab results


1. Reduce 159 harmful industrial chemicals, including 80 volatile organic compounds.*

2. 100% reduction of chlorine, and reduce chloramines and trihalomethanes to below

detectable limits.*

3. Reduce 99.95% of tested pharmaceuticals and basic drugs.*

4. Significantly reduce 79 different agricultural chemicals.*

5. Reduce heavy metals in water, including aluminum and mercury, lead, and Arsenic.

6. Convert toxic chromium-6 in water to beneficial chromium-3, an essential dietary element.*

7. Convert toxic Sodium Fluoride in water to harmless Calcium Fluoride, which naturally occurs in various water sources.*

8. Kill 4 types of disease causing micro-organisms and prevent their growth. Reduce up to 99.85% of tested bacteria, viruses and parasites.*

9. Provide up to 100 trace minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.