Why is there more sediments after adding more Adya Clarity to the water that has already been treated once with Adya Clarity?

If you are treating contaminated tap water, Adya Clarity may keep on purifying the water. To speed up the process, try (1) adding Adya Clarity to hot water (2) increasing the dosage [please note that this may alter the flavour].



1.5 X

2 X

8 oz glass of

tap water

5 - 8 drops

7.5 – 12 drops

10 -16 drops

1.3 gallons

of tap water

1 - 2 tsp

1.5 - 3 tsp

2 - 4 tsp

You do not need to be concerned about intaking too many minerals at a time. Most minerals are binding with the contaminants, and the remaining minerals left in the clean portion of the water would be similar as if you added the recommended dosage.

If you add Adya Clarity to distilled or reverse osmosis water, you should see significantly less sediments. This is based on the assumption that the filtration technology is extremely effective in removing most the contaminants.