How much and what type of minerals are in Adya Clarity?

The amount of minerals per tsp of Adya Clarity (before dilution):

1 tsp treats approximately 1.3 gallons (5 litres) of water.

Iron 6.20 mg/tsp

Magnesium 2.05 mg/tsp

Potassium 1.02 mg/tsp

Calcium 0.13 mg/tsp

Phosphorus 0.12 mg/tsp

Manganese 0.11 mg/tsp

Sodium 0.08 mg/tsp

Zinc 0.01 mg/tsp

Vanadium 0.01mg/tsp

Adya Clarity provides you with clean water that has complete minerals in the most readily absorbable forms. The minerals are dissolved in water, and they are easily taken up by our cells to activate enzymes as well as waken our organs’ activity.