Why is the water taking a long time to pass through the filtration system?

Usually, the first batch of water would take around 3 - 4 hours to pass through the system. If the water takes more than 4 hours to pass through, please read through the questions below:

1. Have the Ceramic Filter been soaked in warm Adya Clarity water for 15 minutes prior to the first usage?

If not, take out your Ceramic Filter and soak it for 15 minutes.

2. Is there enough water in the top tank?

If not, add more water to the top tank. The filtration system is gravity-fed; the more water is in the top tank, the faster the water seeps through the bottom tank. Please ensure the water is well over the Ceramic Filter.

*Make sure you do not add more in when the bottom tank is already full. It will leak on the side.

Top tank holds 1.3 gallons (5 litres) and the bottom tank holds 3 gallons (10 litres).

3. How much water is left in the top tank?

It is completely normal that a few inches of water left in the top tank take hours to seep through. To ensure you a continuous supply of water, pour more water to the top tank even if it is half full.

4. Has the Ceramic Filter been cleaned regularly?

Orange, slimy gunk on the Ceramic Filter can clog the pores and slow down the flow rate. Please rinse and clean Ceramic Filter according to recommendations.

5. Have I used soap and detergent to clean the filter?

Soap and detergents can clog the pores. The same goes to using paper towel as the little bits are able to clog pores. A toothbrush can also be rough as it can make the pores bigger.

Example: Use a soft damp cloth with Adya Clarity treated water.