What are the benefits of adding Adya Clarity to distilled water?

Adding beneficial minerals that your body needs is the biggest benefit of adding Adya Clarity to distilled water. The minerals in Adya Clarity are naturally occurring and are dissolved in water; your body can absorb them easily.

Distillation is a process that relies on heating the water to form steam. It then cools and condenses to form purified water.This webpage from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Most contaminants and essential minerals do not evaporate and are not found in the purified water. Drinking distilled water can dilute the amount of minerals in your body.

In addition, volatile compounds (such as carcinogenic benzene and disinfectant byproducts) have boiling point lower than water. Therefore, these contaminants will evaporate and end up in the "purified distilled water".

Adya Clarity is proven to remove these contaminants, tested by an independent, EPA-certified lab. Please see the links below for the lab reports.