Magnetic Laundry System

What is the science behind the Magnetic Laundry System? How this cleans my laundry without chemicals?

Detergent companies would like to have you believe that chemicals in water is what cleans your laundry. However, this is actually not true. We normally do not think about it... but it is actually WATER that cleans your clothes. Water is the most powerful element on earth! What did people clean with before soap even existed? Water. Detergent alone will not clean your clothes.... You need to add water. What detergents and soap does is only change the surface tension of the water and help the w...

Do these magnets ever have to be replaced? How long do they last?

You only have to get it once and it lasts almost a life-time.The manufacturer warranty is 50 years. You will get your money's worth after washing ten loads of laundry. (Money saved on buying detergent and electricity) In the long run, this saves you thousands of dollars over the time to come. It also makes your clothes last longer as you are protecting your clothes from harsh chemicals - damaging to you, environment and fabric.

How do I use the Magnetic Laundry System?

It is very easy. 1. Place enough clothes for a normal load into the washing machine and place the magnet units on opposite sides of the machine. 2. Before turning on the machine, you can manually bypass the rinse cycle . (You may need to contact your machine's manufacturer for instructions). Since there are no chemicals used in the process, you have no chemicals to rinse out. This can save up to 40 gallons of water, electricity, heat and sewage needed to run the rinse cycle. 3. You may choos...

What are some pre-treatment tips for removing tough stains?

Here are a few pre-treatment tips prior to throwing it in the washer with Magnetic Laundry System (MLS). Please note that: * The tips we offer here is for regular common fabric (eg. cotton) . For delicate fabrics (eg. silk and leather), special care may be required. * You may also want to perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area. TIME and HEAT determine how effective it is. This means, treat the stain as soon as you can! Do not let it set and dry out. Also, hot temperature is...

Does the Magnetic Laundry System need to remain on the opposite sides of the drum - like the video?

_Absolutely not!_ We apologize if the video is misleading. The magnets may stick to the drum before the washing process but will detach due to movements- even if the washing machine is made of metal or stainless steel! The truth is that just like any powerful magnets, they are likely to stick to each other. That is what you will see at the end of the wash cycle. As long as the magnets are in or near the water throughout the wash cycles, they can change the water properties and clean your clot...

Does the Magnetic Laundry System sanitize and kill bacteria on my clothes?

The cleaning process itself washes away most bacteria. Moreover, hot water kills most microorganisms in the water. You may choose to use natural alternatives: 1. Straight 5 percent solution of vinegar—such as the ones you can buy in the supermarket. Reports have proven that it kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs. 2. 3% hydrogen peroxide (the same strength found at the drug store for gargling or disinfection). 3. Combine the first two formulations, and use it one after th...

Are there any other healthy and natural recommendations for whitening and controlling microorganisms in the wash without using bleach or other harsh chemicals?

Healthy, natural alternatives to whiten and remove tough stains * Oxygen bleach (Eg. Oxiclean®) * Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stain, followed with white vinegar solution or vice versa. (Note: please do not mix the two ingredients together in the same container. Some studies indicate that it may release harmful by-product). * Baking soda - 1/2 cup of baking soda. Baking soda can help whiten and deodorize. * Borax, also known as sodium borate, a natural mineral compound. Mix 1/4...

Can I use the Magnetic Laundry System in front loading washing machine?

For front loading washing machines, it is recommended to have a full load of laundry. The spinning horizontal axis units may cause added stress to the Magnetic Laundry System, and generate noise. The magnets may not be submerged at this point, but it can also be near the water for it to work. As an alternative, you can place each of the units inside a durable piece of clothing, such as pants pockets or a pair of thick socks. This will not adversely affect the cleaning action, but to simply soft...

Can I use Magnetic Laundry System when handwashing my clothes?

In addition to the amount and temperature of the water, proper and consistent agitation of the washing machine also contribute to cleaning effectiveness. Therefore, the Magnetic Laundry System will not work with hand washing.

How does the Magnetic Laundry System differ from other regular magnets?

The Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is a patented technology, proven to be a durable and environmental - friendly alternative to laundry detergent. It is also a healthy solution to those suffering from chemical sensitivity. The MLS cleans and releases stains hiding in your fabrics by changing the water properties, making water a more effective cleaning agent. Read more about our patents by clicking here (

Does the Magnetic Laundry System add scent to my clothes?

There is no scent added when using the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS). The truth is that clean clothes smell like nothing. They do not smell like perfume. Most people are accustomed to using detergent, dryer sheet and cleaning products with scent – made of petroleum based, synthetic chemicals. This leads to rashes, respiratory issues to headaches, If you absolutely cannot live without scent, try using an all-natural alternative – essential oil! Pick your favourite scent. To prevent stain, go fo...

Can I use the Magnetic Laundry System in my dishwasher?

As much as that might work, we would not recommend using the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) in your dishwasher. There has not been a test done to measure the effectiveness of the MLS as a replacement for dish soap.

Should I add more than two Magnetic Laundry System? Will it clean better if I add four of them?

There is no reason to add more than two magnets from the one set of the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS). According to the patent and independent lab tests, two magnets are sufficient to clean a regular load of laundry. In a nutshell, to save you money - two units would be sufficient!

How heavy are the Magnetic Laundry System? Will they affect my washer?

The two units combined weigh ~ 1 lb, similar to a pair of jeans (1.2 - 1.8 lbs). When the jeans are wet, they are even more heavier than the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS). So, the MLS does not add any significant weight and does not affect the washer.

How to reduce static cling naturally?

Prevent static before washing 1. Baking soda to the wash. Sprinkle 1/4 cup (60 mL) of baking soda over your clothes before starting the wash cycle of your washing machine. • For larger loads, you may need to increase this amount to 1/2 cup (125 mL) of baking soda. • Why it works? Baking soda effectively creates a barrier around each garment, preventing negative and positive charges from building up and causing the garments to stick together or to themselves. 2. Add vinegar to your washer's r...

How to turn off the rinse cycle of my washer to save water?

It would be best to ask the manufacturer since there are various types of washers using different technologies. We do not want to give you the wrong suggestion and damage your washer.

Can I use Magnetic Laundry System if I share the washer with others - specifically in laundromats and apartments with shared washer?

Absolutely! As long as there is water and it is a regular load of laundry, the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is able to clean your clothes - regardless of the type of washer, and whether it is a shared washer or not! You will likely need to remove the magnets after you are done with the wash cycle. It will not affect the effectiveness or endurance of the MLS.

Does the Magnetic Laundry System work in a high efficiency washer with less water?

Yes. Regardless of the amount of water in the washer, the Magnetic Laundry System works as long as it is submerged or near the water.

Can I use Magnetic Laundry System if I have a pacemaker or medical implants?

Yes, as long as the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) is kept arms length away from metal implants or pacemaker, it will not damage the MLS nor any medical implants, etc. You can keep the MLS in the washing machine after each use. That way, the MLS is always kept arms length away.

Can I use the Magnetic Laundry System with a washer with electronics panel?

Absolutely! When the Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) are placed inside washer, they are far enough away to have zero impact. Just do not rest them directly on the electronics control panel.

For New Users: How to maximize my results with Magnetic Laundry System, if I have been using detergent for my entire life?

Before your first use of the Magnetic Laundry System, please clean your washing machine! After repeated washes, detergent residues, dirt, and even mold will accumulate inside the machine. To prevent these residues from affecting the cleaning ability of the magnets AND staining your clothing, please clean your washing machine first! How to clean my washing machine (front/top loader or HE)? 1. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the washing machine 2. Fill up your washing machine with hot water...

How to maximize the washing results if I have hard water?

Hard water may affect the cleaning ability of the Magnetic Laundry System. If your magnets are not cleaning your clothes effectively, please add 1/2 cup of borax to a full laundry load. For larger washing machines, add 1 cup of borax to each full load. If you do not have borax, you may try using baking soda because it will also soften and condition the water! For regular washing machines, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to a full laundry load For larger washing machines, add 1 cup of baking so...

Why are there black marks on the magnets after washing?

This may happen due to the following: There is a high iron/metal content in the water, or there is a high metal content in the clothing itself. This is typical of people that work in metal fabrication, etc. Either way, the MLS units are pulling the metal out of the water and garments during the wash cycle, and they are collecting on the outside of the units. The way to remedy this is to scrub each MLS unit in the sink with a scrub sponge every few days to keep them clean, and to remove the me...

What is the Warranty Policy?

The Manufacturer's Warranty is 50 years. Please kindly note that pre-registration is required at: ( The Terms and Conditions are written in the user guide that comes with the package.

Magnetic Laundry System's patent number

The Magnetic Laundry System is Made in China, but Designed and Engineered in USA. Also, granted a patent in 2000 and 2003 which possesses an U.S. patent number: 6,012,308 and 6,612,137. You may also read more about the technology by visiting the link: