For New Users: How to maximize my results with Magnetic Laundry System, if I have been using detergent for my entire life?

Before your first use of the Magnetic Laundry System, please clean your washing machine!

After repeated washes, detergent residues, dirt, and even mold will accumulate inside the machine.

To prevent these residues from affecting the cleaning ability of the magnets AND staining your clothing, please clean your washing machine first!

How to clean my washing machine (front/top loader or HE)?

1. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the washing machine

2. Fill up your washing machine with hot water.

3. Let sit for an hour before running the washing machine through a complete cycle.

If grime still persists after the water is drained, use a sponge to scrub it off. For best results, you may also pour some vinegar on the sponge, or a towel.

For front loaders: wipe down the rubber seal situated between the door and the drum.

4. To ensure that everything residue has been taken care off, you may repeat the steps again with additional suggestions:

i. Use Q-tips dipped in white vinegar to clean the hard-to-reach areas such as corners, soap dispenser, door knob, and lid.

ii. Pour in 1 cup of baking soda then fill up the machine with hot water. Let it sit for an hour.

iii. Start the cycle.