Cold Air Diffuser

What is the Cold Air Diffuser?

Unlike other diffusers such as a nebulizer that needs water to create the mist, this model uses nanotechnology and the pressure of cold air to turn the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles. Since the Cold Air Diffuser does not require any water or heat, it will preserve the therapeutic properties of your essential oils and while prolonging the aroma of your oils.

How is the Cold Air Diffuser in comparison with other types of diffusers?

Unlike many of the diffusers on the market that either use heat/water (or both), the Cold Air Diffuser uses nanotechnology to produce a fine mist of dry nanoparticles that stay suspended in the air for a longer period of time. Here are other differences: Cold Air Diffuser Other Brands Saturate large rooms quickly Yes No Does not require water Yes No Does not require heat Yes No Does not stain your furniture Yes No Silent Yes No Economic...

Does the Cold Air Diffuser create any noise?

Surprisingly, the Cold Air Diffuser is extremely quiet. This means you can leave it in your bedroom while you sleep without getting disturbed!

How do I maintain my Cold Air Diffuser?

Remember to clean your diffuser: 1. After every 50 hours of use or once every month 2. After using thicker oils which may clog the nozzle 3. Before putting away and storing the diffuser To clean: Add 75% rubbing alcohol into the fragrance bottle and diffuse for 10 minutes.

Can I use any type of essential oil for the Cold Air Diffuser?

No. It does need to be organic and 100% pure. 100% pure would mean you cannot add any other oils (or additives) in the diffuser such as carrier oil (also known as base/vegetable oil) or water. If the oil is not pure, it may clog up and damage the Cold Air Diffuser.

Are there certain essential oils that I cannot use with the diffuser?

Yes. As the nanotechnology help create nanoparticles - any large particles or are too viscous would not be good for the machine. This would include: * Sandalwood * Cedarwood * Rosewood * Ho Wood * Frankincense * Myrrh * Agarwood * Etc

Are essential oils safe to use?

For the main part, yes. Essential oils are derived from plants, but do be cautious and use it properly. There are amazing therapeutic properties - though it may irritate the skin (for example) for others or even some animals (which have a different system than humans). It would be best to consult with a physician/professional to find out if it is suitable for you (or an animal) to use in your situation as it may not be for all.

What special features does the Cold Air Diffuser offer?

This diffuser offers several oil and money-saving options. Using the remote control, you can adjust to your preference the aroma density, timer, and the misting interval while stretching the life of your essential oils at the same time!

How do I limit the amount of oil used to save more money?

With the remote control, you can adjust the setting so that you have minimum aroma density with 30 seconds of misting and 120 seconds of breaking.

How long does the Cold Air Diffuser last?

The pump of the diffuser can last up to 3000 hours. Generally speaking, people usually set the timer for 4 hours per day so the diffuser can work for 2 years or even longer with proper maintenance.

Why is my remote not responding to the diffuser?

If you are experiencing issues where the remote is not responding to your diffuser, you may need to sync it again. Here is how: - Disconnect power to the diffuser - Press and hold the 30/60s button on the remote - Connect the power back when you see the blue light on the remote is flashing - Once paired successfully you will see the red light flashing on the diffuser - The remote is synced and ready to use

Why didn't my diffuser stop diffusing after clicking Timer button (ex. 1 hour)?

In order to set your diffuser to stop diffusing after 1h/4h/8h, you MUST go through all 3 steps: 1. On the remote, click desired Density 2. Click desired Interval - 30/30s , 30/60s, 30/120s 3. Click desired Timer - 1h , 4h , 8h By only clicking Timer, the diffuser will not stop diffusing. Do not press any other button or else settings will reset. Once diffuser powers off/disconnects, you will need to redo steps next time diffuser turns on.

Why is my diffuser leaking?

There could be 2 reasons as to why your diffuser may be leaking. 1. Have you been cleaning the diffuser properly and regularly? If not cleaned, the oil will eventually become stuck in the tube and no smoke will be diffusing out. - Refer to product manual for cleaning instructions. - Diffuser must be cleaned after every 50 hours of use or at least once per month. - Remember to use 75% rubbing alcohol and fill to 2nd line from the bottom. Diffuse for 10 minutes. 2. You may need to rep...

The remote and diffuser are turned on, but nothing is coming out?

If your remote is working fine and the base of your diffuser lights up, then it is not an electrical issue. If it is also not leaking, it is possible that the problem is within the top half of the diffuser. There could be 2 reasons: 1. Have you been cleaning the diffuser properly and regularly? If not cleaned, the oil will eventually become stuck in the tube and no smoke will be diffusing out. - Refer to product manual for cleaning instructions. - Diffuser must be cleaned after every 50...

What is the Warranty Policy?

The Cold Air Diffuser has a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Cold Air Diffuser product manual

See attached for the manual. You will find the voltage, coverage area, and other information provided.