Why is my diffuser leaking?

There could be 2 reasons as to why your diffuser may be leaking.

1. Have you been cleaning the diffuser properly and regularly?
If not cleaned, the oil will eventually become stuck in the tube and no smoke will be diffusing out. 

- Refer to product manual for cleaning instructions. 
- Diffuser must be cleaned after every 50 hours of use or at least once per month.
- Remember to use 75% rubbing alcohol and fill to 2nd line from the bottom. Diffuse for 10 minutes.


2. You may need to replace the white silicone ring. It could be worn out or deformed after long term use.

- In every box of diffusers, what is provided in addition is an extra white silicone ring (1st and 2nd picture)
- That fits onto the top half of the diffuser where the spout comes out (3rd picture). This helps prevent leakage of the diffuser.

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