How do I use Crystal Energy with Adya Clarity? Also, with MegaHydrate and the Vitalizer Plus?

Since Adya Clarity is a water purifier, you would need to add it to your water first before the addition of Crystal Energy.

For 1.3 gallons of tap water, add 1 tsp of Adya Clarity then wait between 24 and 72 hours before you add Crystal Energy into the water.

You may also treat several batches of water first with Adya Clarity and store them in bottles or jars. When you want to drink water, add a few drops of Crystal Energy!

If you also have a Vitalizer Plus machine:

With your purified water in the Vitalizer Plus pitcher, add a little less than a tsp of Crystal Energy. Then, break 2 capsules of the MegaHydrate and add the powder into the pitcher. Afterwards, set your time setting and wait for the energized water to be ready.