Crystal Energy

What is Crystal Energy?

Crystal Energy is a form of colloidal silica discovered in glacial waters around the world. Crystal Energy instantly structures water into a liquid crystal when added to water which is a form that is highly organized. This arrangement more closely matches how water surrounds the cells in the body. Dr. Flanagan’s studies have shown that Crystal Energy lowers water molecules’ surface tension, thereby helping to increase the flow across cell membranes 2.54 times faster than ordinary water. With the...

What is the shelf life of Crystal Energy?

For both opened and unopened bottles, they are good for 2 years. Please store any opened bottle(s) in a cool, dry area.

How do I use Crystal Energy?

Add 10 drops of Crystal Energy per 8 oz of clean water. You may drink it immediately after stirring. Suggestion: Refrain from drinking the structured water before you sleep as the boost of energy/nutrients may keep you up like caffeine (for example). *Tip: To introduce it to your body, you can reduce the amount to 5 drops per 8 oz of clean water. Slowly increasing it once your body is used to it, but only 1 glass of the structured water a day until your body is comfortable. Then, you can a...

For how long does a bottle of Crystal Energy last?

It would depend on how much water you normally drink. A bottle of Crystal Energy is 4 oz and typically, it should last you between 1 - 2 months.

How is Crystal Energy different from Adya Clarity?

Adya Clarity is a water purifier that takes out heavy metals and toxins from your water (also body), while Crystal Energy structures your water with the tiny silica microclusters.

How do I use Crystal Energy with Adya Clarity? Also, with MegaHydrate and the Vitalizer Plus?

Since Adya Clarity is a water purifier, you would need to add it to your water first before the addition of Crystal Energy. For 1.3 gallons of tap water, add 1 tsp of Adya Clarity then wait between 24 and 72 hours before you add Crystal Energy into the water. You may also treat several batches of water first with Adya Clarity and store them in bottles or jars. When you want to drink water, add a few drops of Crystal Energy! If you also have a Vitalizer Plus machine: With your purified water ...

How long does the structured water last?

After the addition of Crystal Energy, the water stays structured for several months.

Can I cook with Crystal Energy?

Crystal Energy is effective in any temperature. You may add it to your boiling water or iced water.

I have the Vitalizer Plus. Does not that already structure my water? What is the use for Crystal Energy then?

The Vitalizer Plus adds oxygen to your water and provides you with essential minerals. Though Crystal Energy also structures your water, it enhances the ability of Vitalizer Plus to create oxygenated water. The Vitalizer Plus is a device that requires electricity while Crystal Energy does not. So if you were to go on a trip and would still like to benefit from structured water, Crystal Energy is definitely a must-bring item!

What are the ingredients in Crystal Energy?

Silica, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, oleic acid and purified water.

I have several medical conditions. Can I use Crystal Energy?

Although Crystal Energy is a safe product, it would be best to consult your physician with the list of ingredients in Crystal Energy. Silica, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, oleic acid, purified water