What are the differences between the NanoTowel variations? (NanoTowel, Makeup remover Towel, Stainless Steel Towel)

The Makeup Remover Towel and Stainless Steel Towel are very similar in appearance and size because that size is preferable to both stainless appliances and for face cleaning. The light grey color represents the stainless steel focus, but additionally the same color is very attractive and is good for hiding makeup a bit until washing as a face towel.

However, they are quite different in terms of their construction and weave. The stainless towel is much more similar (but yet still has been optimized for metal) to our traditional Nano Towel for cleaning. The pile is deeper and longer, and works optimally for cleaning and polishing metal. The makeup remover is quite a bit softer, with a shorter and thinner pile for pulling debris out of the pores of the skin.

So in summary, it is still the same proprietary Nanolon material, just modified and optimized for use for each specific application.