How do I install the 10 Stage Water Filter to my faucet?

The 10 Stage Water Filter is a counter-top filter. It has a white tube that serves to connect the 10 Stage to your faucet. At the end of this tube, you will find a silver mechanism called the diverter valve.

Unscrew the strainer from the end of your faucet. Then, take the diverter valve on your 10 Stage and screw it onto your faucet.

If you would like to get filtered water, simply pull the pin on the diverter valve and the water will pass through the 10 stages and provide you with clean and safe water. 

Before you start using filtered water for first time, allow water to run through the unit for 2 to 3 minutes. This will allow any loose “resin fines” to be washed out.

As soon as you turn off the water at the faucet, the pin on the diverter valve will automatically pop back in and the next time you turn on your faucet, you would need to pull the pin again for filtered water.

Please note: DO NOT push the pin back in while the water is still running because this can break the mechanism!