What is a NanoSponge?

If you are a fan of NanoTowels, you will definitely love the NanoSponge! NanoSponge is also made with Nanolons* except that it is especially designed to be pathogen resistant so it will resist the growth of pathogens and odours much longer than a traditional sponge. It is the newest in pathogen resistant technology with Nanolon fibres woven in two distinct ways on each side: a soft cleaning side AND a powerful scrubby side that works on tougher stains. *Nanolon® fiber is a revolutionary fabric...

The NanoSponge is pathogen resistant. Do I still need to disinfect it and how?

Yes, it would still be a good idea to disinfect it periodically. To disinfect, simply put the wet sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes or you could run them in the dishwasher and it will come out good as new! *Please note: The amount of time you microwave the sponge for would vary with the power of your microwave. If it is a high power model, please decrease the time you disinfect your NanoSponge. Another way would be to soak your sponge in white vinegar (full strength) for 5 minutes. Over...

How long does the NanoSponge last?

Under normal use, the sponge can last up to 6 months compared to a typical 1 - 2 weeks of common disposable sponges.

What is the material on the scrubby side of the NanoSponge?

The scrubby side of the NanoSponge is a modified form of Nanolon®, which is much larger and tougher. This is meant to allow you to scrub clean a particular surface without scratching it.

On what surface can I use the NanoSponge to clean?

Virtually any surface! The scrubby side is great for your pots and pans, tiles, granite, stainless, linoleum, and more! You can even try cleaning the soap scum on your bathtub! Once you have scrubbed off the debris or residues, just turn over your sponge and use the soft side to wipe, polish, and clean up, leaving no streaks!

What is the difference between the regular sponge and the NanoSponge?

Typical Sponges NanoSponge Pathogen resistant? No. Sponge becomes quickly infested with bacteria. Yes. Especially designed to be pathogen and odour resistant*. Versatile? No. Yes. Because it is a 2-in-1 sponge. You can use it on any surface, for any type of stains. Durable? No. Sponge breaks and tears easily, usually last between 1 - 2 weeks. Yes. Typically lasts up to 6 months or longer. Cost Efficient? No. Sponge needs to be replaced...

Would the scrubbing side of my NanoSponge scratch my pots and pans?

The scrubbing side is made with a modified form of Nanolon® fiber which is larger and tougher, but it will not scratch! Gently scrub your pots and pans or other objects. You will be left with clean and shiny surfaces!

What is the size of the NanoSponge?

6" x 4" NanoSponges. Their large size can cover a larger surface area as opposed to the little, flimsy sponges that do not get the job done!

Washing grease and dirt off the NanoSponge

Pour 2 cups hot water and 2 tbsp of salt into a plastic container. Give it a stir, and leave the sponge in it for the night.