All-Natural Enzyme Concentrate

What is the All-Natural Enzyme Concentrate?

Bleach and other chemical-based stain removers are harmful to us, our family, and our environment. If not washed properly, they remain in our clothes, soak into our skin and we breathe in these chemicals. This enzyme concentrate is an all natural, non-toxic stain remover. It is also pH neutral, 100 % biodegradable, nonflammable and non-caustic. After dilution, an 8 oz concentrate can make 1 GALLON (16 oz can make 2 gallons) of regular strength enzymes. Just like the enzymes in your stomach a...

How do I use the Enzyme Concentrate?

STEP 1: Dilute concentrate (mix 1 part concentrate with 16 parts of water) Eg. Mix 1 tbsp of the concentrate with 16 tbsp of water STEP 2: Apply directly on stain STEP 3: Let sit for 10 minutes (give time for the enzymes to break down stain) STEP 4: Wash clothes with the magnetic laundry system A pre-made gallon supply would be made with the whole bottle of the Enzyme Concentrate and one gallon of water! _*For tougher stains, it is recommended to use ratio 1:8._

How do I use the stain remover on carpet?

If you have the Enzyme Concentrate, make sure to properly dilute it before using. Spray the diluted enzyme unto affected areas so that they are well soaked. Let the enzyme sit for up to half an hour, and then wipe away. If you have a larger area, mist the enzyme over the entire carpet and leave it. The enzyme will naturally break down the dirt and soil stuck inside your carpet fibres. When the carpet is dried, vacuum the area and you would notice a fresher looking carpet!

Will it remove urine stains from my white couch?

We have had clients telling us their success with cleaning many stains on many surfaces, including their white couch! If the stain is old and set in, saturate the stain with a couple more sprays of the enzyme, scrub it in and agitate the stain with a small brush. Let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes, then rinse and dab with a paper towel or clean cotton towel.

Besides urine, does it help eliminate older odours and stains from pets on fabric sofas?

Yes. Instead of masking odours with chemical fragrances, the All-Natural Enzyme Concentrate eliminates the source by consuming the organic matter that caused the odour.

What are the ingredients in the All-Natural Enzyme Concentrate?

It is a proprietary and unique blend of concentrated all-natural enzymes which consists of plant-based organic sources which does not contain harsh chemicals or solvents. The enzymes are long-chain proteins that serve as natural catalysts, and the building blocks for each enzyme are 20 naturally occurring amino acids. Are you allergic to certain plants? Or wondering if there is a simple ingredient that may not be suitable for you to use? Please do contact our Support Department as we can c...

Can I dilute and store a large volume of regular strength enzyme?

Absolutely! 1. Pour the entire 8 oz into a 1 gallon jug 2. Fill it up with water (to dilute it properly) 3. Give it a shake and let it sit for an hour (it is for the water and concentrate to mix) Now, you have a well mixed 1 gallon regular strength supply! 4. (Optional) Pour it in a spray bottle to spray on a stain. Wait 10 minutes before starting the wash cycle. *16 oz can make 2 gallons

Where are the enzymes from?

The enzymes are sourced, cultivated, blended and packaged in the USA where the quality is assured and the purity of the ingredients is verified. Some all-natural enzymes in the stain remover are proteases, amylases, lipase, cellulases, mannanases, and pectinase. All have different benefits for various stains, substrates and surfaces to give the most effective overall on the widest variety of applications.

Since it is a natural product, does it expire?

The stain remover does have an expiration date provided on the bottle. If you have some leftover - you can continue using it, but it may not be as effective after the date. Do store is away from heat and humidity.