Why do I need the EcoloBlue (Air to Water Generator)?

The Air to Water Generator, also known as the EcoloBlue, has the ability to produce drinkable water from thin air! This device is environmentally friendly as it is essentially “recycling” the humidity in your room, and it is great for emergencies when water supplies can be contaminated or extremely limited. You can also use the EcoloBlue plugged in. The EcoloBlue will ensure a constant clean water supply in any circumstances.

How does the Air to Water Generator work?

The Air to Water Generator or EcoloBlue works best in locations with a higher humidity level. The moisture in the air is taken in by the EcoloBlue 30 and then condensed and purified by various filtration steps and ultra violet radiation exposure inside the machine. After the purification process, the water is stored and tempered to the user’s preference for delivery on demand.

How do I know how much water my Air to Water Generator is going to produce?

That amount of water produced depends on the humidity of the space your generator is in. The Air to Water Generator can work starting from 30% to 90% humidity, and we recommend that a minimum of 45% humidity and above for best results.

My Air to Water Generator is not working properly. What could be wrong?

The Air to Water Generator is not an unpack and plug-in device. You will need to fill the bottom tank and prime the machine before usage. Refer to the manual for full instructions on prepping your EcoloBlue machine.

My Air to Water Generator is making a lot of noise. Is that normal?

In order for the 12 stage filtration process to work, your EcoloBlue may produce noise that is about as noisy as a small oscillating fan.

How much does Air to Water Generator weigh?

The machine weighs approximately 110 lbs, and measures 18” (L) x 17” (W) x 44” (H).

What is the pH of the filtered water that the machine produces?

The water is a pH of 7 – 7.5 on average.

How hot and cold can the water from the Air to Water Generator machine be?

The cold temperature ranges from 39° – 54°F, and the hot range is 167° – 203°F.

How much filtered water can the machine store?

There is storage for 3 gallons of filtered water in the hot and cold tanks combined.

How often do I have to change the filters on my Air to Water Generator machine?

We recommend that you change the carbon, mineral, alkaline (optional), air, funnel and nano filters every 6 months. These are sold as kits to make it convenient. The reverse osmosis membrane and ultraviolet bulbs are recommended to be replaced every 2 years.

EcoloBlue product manual

See attached for the manual. You will find the voltage, frequency, and other information provided.

What is the Warranty Policy?

There is a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for the EcoloBlue machine. Please kindly note that pre-registration is required at: The Terms and Conditions are written in the Product Manual that comes with the package.

EcoloBlue's patent number

The machine is Designed in California, but Assembled (manufactured) in China. Also, granted a patent in 2011 which possesses an U.S. patent number: 7,861,544. It is patented in other countries as well. You may also read more about the technology by visiting the link:,861,544.PN.&OS=PN/7,861,544&RS=PN/7,861,544